Corn Population Catalog

The USDA Organic Research and Extension Initiative project “Strengthening Public Corn Breeding to Ensure that Organic Farmers Have Access to Elite Cultivars” included a multi-year evaluation of open-pollinated corn varieties and populations at organic locations. Varieties and populations from all of the participating institutions were evaluated at locations in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, New Mexico, New York, and Wisconsin (site locations indicated on map). Lajas, Puerto Rico was the organic, winter nursery location for the project.

They were included in yield trials planted in 1/500 acre plots (two 17.5’-long rows at 30” row spacing) with two replications at each location.  Each plot was harvested and grain weight and grain moisture percentage were measured.  Grain yields were calculated in bushels/acre at 15.5% moisture. At harvest time, the number of stalks broken (or lodged) below the ear was counted.  This number was expressed as a proportion of the total number of plants in the plot (percent stalk lodging).  Plants leaning over from the base at more than a 45˚ angle were counted as root lodged, and expressed as a proportion of the total number of plants in the plot (percent root lodging).

Not all populations were evaluated in all locations or in all years.  Poor performing varieties or populations were dropped out, and newly developed or identified ones were added as time went on.  Populations that were inappropriate in adaptation at some sites were evaluated only where they might reasonably be adapted.  Different sites and years had dramatically different yields.  For all of these reasons, be mindful when reading the summary yield data as it is reported in bushels per acre across all sites and years.

Yield, grain moisture, and lodging data is summarized below for all locations and years.  Population descriptions, who to contact for more information about these populations, site descriptions, and individual location data are provided on linked pages.

Downloadable Tables

To see pictures of the individual corn populations click on the Pedigree Name. Sometimes pictures take a while to load. For a quick glance of additional data click the (+) next to the pedigree name. 

PedigreeContactN (# of locations used to average data)Yield (bu/AC)Moisture Proportion of MeanRoot Lodging Proportion of MeanStalk Lodging Proportion of MeanYield Proportion of Mean
BLUE RIVER 48B30Commercial check71106.87.93.831.21
FS8(A)S:S09 SynS c2 Rem Bulk10991.
American Organics C 714Commercial check2398.
FS8B(T):N11a SynS c2 Rem Bulk10961.
BSSS(R)C17/BSCB1(R)C17Paul Scott5695.96.68.911.24
595Syn)Walter Goldstein1294.93.54.491.13
DKTWalter Goldstein12931.
UHFA_02Kevin Montgomery29931.
CH4030:S09-2-68Walter Goldstein10911.
AR01150:N04R1 OPc1-HPc1 Rem Bulk10901.06.87.871.14
OhS5(C4)Rich Pratt11881.
AKA(\\Oh43\CH5\\\NGORWalter Goldstein17881.042.31.881.12
KUI Syn_e01)#21851.
BS11HMxBS31HMPaul Scott21851.021.64.631.17
High Protein SynB HPc3 Rem Bulk1084.
Monty.NGWalter Goldstein21841.
8wcdF2-4Margaret Smith31831.031.291.651.05
GEI 9998Commercial check10831.
NG.L.LMPWalter Goldstein21831.
Nokomis GoldWalter Goldstein10831.
CHIS775:S1911b SynS c2 Rem Bulk10831.
OP12-3-354Margaret Smith18831.
Multi 2013Walter Goldstein22821.
OP11-3-76Margaret Smith29811.
HPW_01)/Q381)#Kevin Montgomery10791.
CH5N2-57.DKWalter Goldstein22781.
Oh S13Rich Pratt10771.
GEMS29 earlyWalter Goldstein1077.
OP11 5-56Margaret Smith2977.
HPWF kr_01Kevin Montgomery19771.
CH05015:N15 SynS c2 Rem Bulk10771111
AR21BWalter Goldstein32761.
8wcdF1-1Margaret Smith40751.
METUKevin Montgomery19751.
Mo42.N220AWalter Goldstein10751.
OP2412-22Margaret Smith1872.
OP9440-9Margaret Smith2772.
8wcdF2-2Margaret Smith21711.
OP11-5-60Margaret Smith2871.
OP9440-6Margaret Smith27711.
CHIS74SWalter Goldstein10701111
OP10-11-7Margaret Smith2769.
OhS5 (C3)Rich Pratt10691.
CUBA164:S2008aR1 OPc1-HPc1 Rem Bulk10691.
LMPNG 28Walter Goldstein33681.
NuMex Syn 3Rich Pratt13661.
UHF134\LH82)#Kevin Montgomery10641.
CUBA117:S15 SynS c2 Rem Bulk10641.
LH119.LH132Walter Goldstein33621.
CBTROP 1112:3003-410611.
OPBLUE 13-5-61Margaret Smith11601.
OPBLUE 13-5-48Margaret Smith12581.
CBTROP 1112:3006-710551.
MBR-C3 Cycle 61054.
OP10-11-4Margaret Smith1154.
NuMex Syn2 - WhiteRich Pratt11521.
CH5M2Walter Goldstein1049.
LH82.AR21Walter Goldstein21491.
Owen Tamale YellowRich Pratt11451.
ARGARDWalter Goldstein21431.
AR26M-298Walter Goldstein1041.
DK212T:S11 SynS c2 Rem Bulk10101.

Breeder Contact Information

Paul Scott
Corn Insects and Crop Genetics Research Unit
1407 Agronomy Hall
Ames, IA 50011
Phone: 515 294-7825
Walter Goldstein
Mandaamin Institute
W2331 Kniep Road
Elkhorn, WI 53121
Phone: 262-248-1533 (lab)
Phone: 262-642-9738 (office)
Margaret E. Smith
Professor, Plant Breeding & Genetics
School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University
G42 Emerson Hall, Ithaca NY  14853
 Phone:  607-255-1654
Rich Pratt
Professor, Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Director, Semi-arid Cropping Systems Research Innnovation Program
College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences
PO Box 30003 MSC 3Q
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM  88003-8003