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September 1, 2014 


Organic hogs typically grow slower
and are less efficient than conventional
hogs. Even a low level of parasite
infection can reduce feed efficiency
and gain in growing hogs, especially
finishing organic hogs which cannot
be treated with dewormers.
• Hogs treated with IvermectinTM were
raised side-by-side with untreated
hogs, and were fed the same diet.
• Treated and untreated hogs did not
differ in feed consumption, gain, or
• Feed consumption, total weight
gain, feed-to-gain ratio, and days
to finish were similar between
treated and untreated hogs.
• Finishing organic hogs may have
residual parasite protection from
their dams, which may be treated
with Ivermectin.
• Internal parasites are not a likely
source of the reduced efficiency
seen in organic as compared to
conventional hogs.