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Two farmers provided enterprise
budgets for cherry tomato production
in 2017.
• Cherry tomatoes were grown in a
heated greenhouse (Ann Franzenburg),
and an unheated high tunnel (Emma
• Revenue and expenses, including a
breakdown of labor, was reported by
each farmer.
Key Findings
• Labor was the largest expense for both
Franzenburg and Johnson, accounting
for 62% and 68% of their total
expenses, respectively.
• Harvesting and packing was the most
time-consuming task on both farms,
accounting for 74% of labor-hours at
Franzenburg and 62% of labor-hours
at Johnson.
• Both farms had profitable cherry
tomato crops, netting $1.31/lb at Franzenburg
and $1.54/lb at Johnson.

December 5, 2017 


Objectives: 1. Determine differences in enterprise budgets for cucumbers at three farms (two in structures, one outside). 2. Determine differences in labor efficiency for various tasks.

July 7, 2015