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Farmers Explore Green Fields of Cover Crops and Cost Savings in Sac County Additional field days, learning opportunities planned this fall For Release: November 14, 2016 Download PDF (431 KB) LYTTON, Iowa – Last Thursday, November 10th, more than 35 farmers and others toured fall cover crop fields in the Lytton area. At the first [...]

November 14, 2016 


In a Nutshell
• Planting cover crops, then grazing or
harvesting them, is a practical way to
effectively reduce nutrient pollution,
plus provide economic benefits to
cattle owners.
• This represents a win-win for livestock
producers and water quality for Iowa.
Key findings
• Four farmers in northwest Iowa
reported that in the fall and winter of
2015, cover crops provided 0.07 to
3.74 tons of dry matter per acre.
• Grazing this cover saved farmers
$1,306 to $22,801 in hay or other
stored feed expenses

November 9, 2016