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September 13, 2016 


In a Nutshell
• Small grain crops, like oats, are seeing
renewed interest by farmers in Iowa.
Iowa was once a nationwide leader
in oats production, but many farm
families have not grown them for a
generation or two.
• 16 oat varieties were screened at
two Iowa State University research
farms. Additionally four varieties were
included in a separate fungicide trial at
one of the research farms.
Key findings
• Betagene, Deon, Badger and Natty
varieties were among the top performers
in terms of yield at both locations.
These entries also scored low for incidence
of crown rust.
• Badger, Betagene, GM423, Goliath and
Natty varieties met all of the quality
specifications (except test weight)
identified by food processors.
• Fungicide improved test weight for two
varieties (Badger and Rockford) while
Beta glucan concentration and fat concentration
were not affected.

November 30, 2015