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Conference Highlights Groundbreaking Research to Help Farmers Weather Economic Booms and BustsFor Release: December 28, 2011 Download PDF (124 KB) View Fullscreen

December 28, 2011 


Increase Your Farm’s Profitability, Attend September 13 Field Day and Corn Breeders ShowcaseFor Release: August 31, 2011 Download PDF (374 KB) View Fullscreen

August 31, 2011 


Pricing products that do not have an established market can be difficult. For example, let’s assume you are producing tomatoes and notice the local grocery store is selling California tomatoes for $1.50 per lb. In addition, you have asked potential buyers and they say they are willing to pay 10-20% above grocery store prices. From this information you sell your tomatoes for $1.80 per pound. Were you profitable? The key to long-term success is the ability to sell products at a profit. To do this you need to know your costs.

December 8, 2009