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Field day at Crooked Gap Farm will explore pastured pork production – Aug. 5, near KnoxvilleFor Release: July 21, 2016 Download PDF (81 KB) Contacts: Ethan Book | Crooked Gap Farm | (641) 891-2112 | | Tamsyn Jones | Practical Farmers of Iowa | (515) 232-5661 | KNOXVILLE, Iowa — When Ethan [...]

July 21, 2016 


The 2016 spring issue of “the Practical Farmer” featured an article in which four PFI farmers shared their experiences direct-marking local foods products to customers that proved to be opportunities to help expand their customers’ culinary horizons. The article — “From Daikons to Deer Hunters: Expanding Horizons Through Local Foods” — included insights from Laura […]

June 9, 2016 


Iowa farmers have fattened hogs on abundant grain from their farms for generations, and opportunities abound for direct-to-consumer and wholesale niche pork. Hear how other farmers have made niche pork work for them, explore how you can get started and learn about new growth opportunities in niche pork production.

February 18, 2014 


Practical Farmers of Iowa Announces Savings Incentive RecipientsFor Release: December 9, 2010 Download PDF (241 KB) View Fullscreen

December 9, 2010 


PFI Announces ‘Tales from a Beginning Pasture-Based Livestock Farm”For Release: August 6, 2010 Download PDF (244 KB) View Fullscreen

August 6, 2010 


Grass-based livestock expert Doug Gunnink, Gunnink Forage Institute, and beginning farmers Dave Schmidt and Ethan Book talk about grass-fed beef production, setting up a system for the beginning grazier. Topics include what forage mixes, what breeds, pasture management, and tips on grass-finishing.

March 23, 2010