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Poultry enterprises have low start-up
costs, require little experience, and
have fast turnaround compared to
other livestock species.
• Margins on poultry enterprises, however,
are often low; broiler chickens
and eggs have been referred to as
“gateway” sales to get farmers’ market
customers to become interested in
bigger purchases.
• Practical Farmers members offered to
provide production and sales costs
of broiler enterprises, to see what the
finances really look like on long-standing
• The Griffieons benefit from economies
of scale, and while non-GMO feed is
the biggest expense (over 50% of total
costs), this feature allows them to ask
a premium sale price.
• The Wesseliuses have a very low-cost
feed ration, and while processing is
costly (36% of total costs), they save
on labor and other expenses.
• Feed and processing, the two biggest
costs on each enterprise, are difficult
to alter, but any reduction in costs will
improve margins.

May 5, 2015 


Practical Farmers of Iowa on-farm research will feature 44 projects on 67 farms in 2013For Release: May 28, 2013 Download PDF (135 KB) View Fullscreen

May 28, 2013 


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March 1, 2013 


Coming home from market with only $50 and a vehicle full of product can be discouraging. Participants will learn how to calculate the costs of attending farmer’s markets, how to set a farmer’s market income goal and strategies to reach that goal and achieve a profit that’s worthy of the effort.

February 7, 2012 


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December 22, 2011 


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May 20, 2010 


Buy Fresh, Buy Local Tour in Sioux Land: Practical Farmers of Iowa Field DayFor Release: June 27, 2008 Download PDF (245 KB) View Fullscreen

June 27, 2008