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Listening session set for “advanced” beginning farmers in Aurelia on March 13For Release: March 9, 2018Contacts: Greg Padget | Next Generation Director | Practical Farmers of Iowa | (515) 232-5661 | greg@practicalfarmers.org AURELIA, Iowa – Practical Farmers of Iowa is seeking input from beginning farmers who have been farming for at least four years. This [...]

March 9, 2018 


Six farmers compared three or four
lettuce varieties, Coastal Star, Hampton,
Magenta, and Muir, to determine
which produces better during summer
months (harvest July – Sept.) in Iowa.
Key Findings
• Magenta had the highest yields on
three of the six farms, and was much
more heat tolerant than Coastal Star.
• Coastal Star produced sizeable heads –
particularly in earlier successions – but
tended to bolt quickly.
• Farmers found they could grow quality
summer head lettuce using these
varieties, though specific preferences
differed by farm.

December 6, 2017 


In a Nutshell
• Six farmers compared three broccoli
varieties, Belstar, Gypsy and Imperial,
to determine which produces better
during summer months (harvest July –
Sept.) in Iowa.
Key Findings
• Imperial had the highest yields at four
of six farms, followed by Gypsy and
• At three farms, Imperial had statistically
higher yields than the other
• Plant spacing differed by farm, but
average yield per area was 0.28 lb/ft2
for Imperial, followed by Gypsy (0.27
lb/ ft2), and Belstar (0.22 lb/ft2)
• Following the indications of the data,
most farmers strongly preferred Imperial
as their summer broccoli variety.

December 7, 2016 


In a Nutshell
• Fifteen farms participated in fruit and
vegetable production recordkeeping
to date.
• The purpose of the project was to
create Iowa-specific production
histories for:
• producers to have baseline
• the advancement of crop
insurance options,
• and to provide information about
typical Iowa production for
• Actual yields exceeded FSA-NAP
yield estimates for most crop

May 10, 2016 


Objectives: 1. Determine which pepper variety, Olympus or Revolution, produces more marketable fruits and total yield in side-by-side field trials in Iowa.

July 5, 2015 


Fruit and vegetable farmers use mulch
to control weed competition plus
increase moisture retention for cash
• Many fruit and vegetable farmers
use plastic mulch but concerns about
its environmental sustainability have
farmers wanting to test other mulch
• In 2012, both mulches reduced weeds
compared to bare ground and the
plastic mulch resulted in greatest
sweet potato yields.
• In 2013, watermelon production was
similar in the paper mulch and control
• In 2014, sweet potato production
trended higher in the plastic mulch
although not statistically greater.
The paper mulch and control were
similar again but the paper mulch was
shredded due to extreme weather
leaving little mulch.

December 6, 2014 


Worm castings, or vermicompost,
are a common addition to potting
soil mix and greenhouse bedding,
and are recommended for use with
nearly any plant
• Castings can be added at seeding or
transplant, used to side-dress during
the growing season, incorporated to
compost piles or vegetable beds, or
steeped as a compost tea and added
during watering or as a foliar spray
• The objectives of this project were to
determine whether casting additions
or application method increased
yield of fall cabbage.
• While differences are seen with other
plants in the literature, no differences
were seen here

December 4, 2014 


Beginning and aspiring farmers: Apply for Practical Farmers of Iowa’s 2014-15 Savings Incentive Program by Oct. 4For Release: September 18, 2013 Download PDF (143 KB) View Fullscreen

September 18, 2013 


Practical Farmers of Iowa Announces Savings Incentive RecipientsFor Release: January 23, 2012 Download PDF (89 KB) View Fullscreen

January 23, 2012