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Wild Woods Farm field day will highlight unique land access options for farmers – July 7, in Iowa CityFor Release: June 20, 2018 Kate Edwards, of Wild Woods Farm The packing shed Kate Edwards built, and owns, on farmland she is currently leasing. Contacts: Kate Edwards | Wild Woods Farm | (319) 333-2980 | kate.wildwoodsfarm@gmail.com [...]

June 20, 2018 


Six farmers compared three or four
lettuce varieties, Coastal Star, Hampton,
Magenta, and Muir, to determine
which produces better during summer
months (harvest July – Sept.) in Iowa.
Key Findings
• Magenta had the highest yields on
three of the six farms, and was much
more heat tolerant than Coastal Star.
• Coastal Star produced sizeable heads –
particularly in earlier successions – but
tended to bolt quickly.
• Farmers found they could grow quality
summer head lettuce using these
varieties, though specific preferences
differed by farm.

December 6, 2017 


Report sheds light on fruit and vegetable farm financesFor Release: May 5, 2017 Download PDF (104 KB) Kate Edwards, of Wild Woods Farm Contacts: Nick Ohde | Research & Media Coordinator | Practical Farmers of Iowa | (515) 232-5661 | nick@practicalfarmers.org Liz Kolbe | Horticulture Coordinator | Practical Farmers of Iowa | (515) 232-5661 | [...]

May 5, 2017 


Farm-Life Balance for CSA FarmersDecember 21, 2016 View Farminar Pre-recorded Operating a farm under the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. Just like in any career, it’s important to find a healthy work-life balance – but for a farmer, that’s easier said than done. Learn from Kate Edwards of [...]

December 21, 2016 


Iowa farmers have fattened hogs on abundant grain from their farms for generations, and opportunities abound for direct-to-consumer and wholesale niche pork. Hear how other farmers have made niche pork work for them, explore how you can get started and learn about new growth opportunities in niche pork production.

February 18, 2014 


Susan Jutz Receives 2014 Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award from Practical Farmers of IowaFor Release: January 14, 2014 Download PDF (146 KB) View Fullscreen

January 14, 2014 


Practical Farmers of Iowa Launches 100 Days, 100 Beginners CampaignFor Release: June 7, 2013 Download PDF (160 KB) View Fullscreen

June 7, 2013 


Community Supported Agriculture is growing in Eastern Iowa, providing more ways to eat localFor Release: May 15, 2012 Download PDF (134 KB) View Fullscreen

May 15, 2012 


Participants will learn organic-approved strategies to mitigate the damage caused by flea beetles, cucumber beetles, thrips, European corn borer, cabbage root maggot, and aphids.

January 24, 2012 


Practical Farmers of Iowa Announces Savings Incentive RecipientsFor Release: January 23, 2012 Download PDF (89 KB) View Fullscreen

January 23, 2012