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Apple cider vinegar, long praised
for its beneficial effects on animal
health, also is said to cause animals
consuming it to have more female
than male offspring.
• Goat-owning farmer-researchers
supplemented a subset of their
animals with apple cider vinegar,
either as a direct oral drench or as
an addition to drinking water, and
reported animal gain and condition,
health considerations, and offspring
• Apple cider vinegar supplementation
of dams did not result in more
doe than buck kids being born the
following spring, and had inconsistent
effects on weight gain, body condition,
and FAMACHA scores.
• Pregnant does given apple cider
vinegar in 2013 had a lower percentage
of doe kids than did does given
water, at two farms.
• FAMACHA scores and body condition
scores did not consistently
differ between animals given apple
cider vinegar or water on Dawn
Anderson’s farm, though youngstock
given apple cider vinegar had higher
average daily gains than those given
• Kathy Rose found no differences in
average daily gain between doelings
given apple cider vinegar or no
supplementation, though apple cider
vinegar was given as an attempt
to aid does already known to be

February 1, 2015