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Milking once per day instead of the
twice-daily standard reduces milk
yield, but also greatly reduces labor
and feed expense.
• Animals milked only once per day require
less feed, and reportedly have a
lower mastitis risk. Milk allegedly has
a lower somatic cell count and higher
protein and fat concentration.
• Does milked once daily produced
fewer pounds of milk, but the milk had
slightly higher milk fat and protein
concentrations, compared to does
milked twice daily.
• Does milked once daily consumed
slightly less grain compared to does
milked twice daily, but milking once
daily greatly reduced labor requirements.
• Does milked once daily had greater
somatic cell counts compared to does
milked twice daily, but this was not
associated with any cases of clinical
• Lois Reichert found that does milking
once daily improved quality of life, offering
a nice option for a cheesemaking
dairy with a small staff.

May 8, 2015 


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