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In a Nutshell
• Small grain crops, like oats, are seeing
renewed interest by farmers in Iowa.
Iowa was once a nationwide leader
in oats production, but many farm
families have not grown them for a
generation or two.
• 15 oat varieties were screened at two
Iowa State University research farms
and one commercial farm.
Key findings
• Top yield performers differed at each
• Antigo had the highest test weight at
each location (≥38 lb/bu) but was also
among the lowest yielding varieties.
Reins scored a test weight of 38 lb/bu
at Kanawha.
• Application of fungicide did not improve
yield or test weight for the four
varieties tested at Nashua.

October 16, 2017 


Oat Variety Trials 2016 Download PDF (2 MB) View Fullscreen

September 13, 2016