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Have you thought about hiring farm employees but feel confused or unsure where to start? This farminar is for you.Learn from two farmers about their experiences hiring farm laborers across the spectrum, from H-2A visa holders and migrant seasonal contractor crews, to regular part-time workers and full-time employees. Listen in as the farmers ask questions of experts from each regulatory agency that Iowa farmers will need to work with in order to be legally compliant farm employers.

April 2, 2013 


Need to hire farm workers? Learn how to be legally compliant during a free webinar with Practical Farmers of Iowa – April 2For Release: March 22, 2013 Download PDF (133 KB) View Fullscreen

March 22, 2013 


Practical Farmers of Iowa’s ‘spring farminar’ online learning series will start on March 19 First session will focus on cover crops For Release: March 8, 2013 Download PDF (158 KB) View Fullscreen

March 8, 2013 


Learn farmers’ legal responsibilities for hiring farm employees. Two farmers will share their farm labor employment scenarios and ask questions of a Labor Department director, who will also summarize Iowa farm labor laws.

November 6, 2012