Person: Nathan and Sarah Anderson

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Cattle graziers work to improve
pasture yield and quality to maintain
healthy herds of productive cattle.
• Nathan and Sarah Anderson have
worked for five years to reclaim
pasture acres and improve existing
pastures, monitoring pastures for
species diversity and cattle grazing
• In 2014 they continued a trend of
increasing pounds of calf raised,
increasing total pasture acreage, and
improving forage species diversity.
• Forage species diversity (number of
species and number of desired prairie
species) was greater in 2014 than
2013 or 2010.
• Total grazed acreage and total herd
size were greater in 2014 than 2013
or 2010.
• Calf average daily gain did not differ
from 2013, but calves were tracked
for a shorter period of time in 2014
than 2013. Total pounds of calf
produced was greater in 2014 than
2013 or 2010 primarily because more
calves were raised.

February 1, 2015