Practical Landowner Services

Technical assistance to increase sustainable agriculture practices

Our strategy: To help you and your farmer partner talk to and learn from each other, and to use our agronomic expertise to help ensure that stewardship changes are made on your farmland. Through Practical Landowner Services, Sarah Carlson will meet with you and your farmer partner to develop a plan of action to implement in-field crop production practices that will better control erosion, retain moisture, promote healthy soil biology, and better cycle nutrients in the soil. That plan may include cover crops, adding a small grain, and multi-tool weed management.

If you would like to hire Practical Landowner Services, there will be a $250 fee for up to five hours of consultation. The services will include:
1. An initial phone consultation to determine readiness (with Sarah and landowner)
2. A phone consultation with your farmer, initiated by the farmer
3. A follow-up e-mail or letter to you and your farmer summarizing recommendations
4. Access to a network of landowners for additional support, if requested
5. Up to three hours of follow-up consultation with landowner or farmer

“Landowners and tenants can talk different languages and misunderstand each other even though, at heart, they may share similar values. It was good to have Sarah visit with my tenants and me as a team. She was sincere, respected the tenants, engendered trust and listened. Because of who she is as a person –  and with her farm background and technical expertise – she was able to be a translator, understanding my vernacular and that of my tenants. Her work was the catalyst for what could be a quantum leap in how my land will be farmed.”  – Helen Gunderson (member and landowner)

Practical Farmers offers a lot of information on cover crops, small grain production and multi-tool weed management through webinars, conference sessions and field days. Join Practical Farmers and its discussion lists, including our cover crop discussion group to ask questions and learn more. We have many non-operator farmland owners in our membership. In addition, share these resources with your farmer partner and start a conversation!

Contact Information

For more information, contact Steve Carlson at steve@practicalfarmers.org.