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Today I’d like to introduce you to two farmers: Jenny Quiner and Dusty Farnsworth. Jenny runs a ¼ acre urban vegetable farm in Des Moines while Dusty farms several hundred acres of organic and conventional row crops with integrated hogs and cattle. What do these two have in common besides their membership in Practical Farmers […]

March 1, 2017 


The Farm Service Agency recently announced some changes to their Farm Storage Facility Loan Program that should benefit small and beginning local food producers. The FSFL program was initially launched in 2000 to serve commodity crops, and has undergone many changes since then to help diversified, small-scale, and beginning farmers expand their businesses. The loan can now be used to […]

May 6, 2016 


Long-time PFI farmers Doug Alert and Margaret Smith welcomed close to 60 people to their organic farm, Ash Grove Farm near Hampton, on July 7 to learn about beginning and advanced organic farming tactics. Chief among the topics discussed was terminating a cover crop with the roller-crimper method. It had been several years since Doug […]

July 14, 2015 


The Practial Farmers of Iowa land-matching website has been redesigned with new and improved features. For those who aren’t familiar, FindAFarmer.net is a tool intended to help connect landowners with land-seekers and facilitate the exchange of farmland to the next generation of farmers. Both parties share information about their land or their land needs, and users are able […]

May 7, 2015 


For a couple of years now there have been two resource guides on the Practical Farmers of Iowa Beginning Farmer webpage. One of them is a list of business planning resources containing helpful websites, software, consultants, workshops, books, organizations and more. The other guide is a list of resources for financial planning, which includes loans, grants, and other […]

May 5, 2015 


This week Practical Farmers of Iowa held our 102nd farminar. Starting back in November of 2009, these 90 minute webinar presentations have been incredibly popular for both members and non-members alike. I thought I’d take a moment to share some information about just how awesome this farminar series is.

March 19, 2015 


Though Practical Farmers of Iowa’s Labor4Learning program has only two years under its belt, its already proved to be a useful stepping-stone for beginning and aspiring farmers on the path to running their own operation. There are many obstacles aspiring farmers face when getting started on their own, such as the difficulty of acquiring necessary […]

February 24, 2015 


Remember getting $10 as a graduation gift, or maybe even $50?  Ever hit the jackpot with $2400? Yeah, me neither.  But graduates of the Savings Incentive Program did!  Completing the Savings Incentive Program nabbed these individuals up to an extra $2400 to match dollar for dollar with their own savings.  So that’s a potential 4800 […]

September 2, 2014 


Morgan Hoenig is a beginning vegetable farmer from Mount Pleasant in PFI’s Savings Incentive Program. She wrote this summary of Annie’s Project to share with the Practical Farmers of Iowa network. Annie’s Project is a 6 week class focused on empowering farm women.  It is organized by women, most of the presenters are women, and […]

March 26, 2013 


On Tuesday January 10, 2012, the 2012 Winter Farminar Series began. 41 folks tuned in live to learn from farmer Jerry Peckumn and his accountant Leo Brooker, both of Jefferson, IA. Attendees learned the potential tax savings of filing with a knowledgeable adviser to help take advantage of all the tax credits and techniques available […]

January 12, 2012