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Cover crop termination and cash crop planting in the spring is the most important aspect of cover crop management to ensure good yields. So this spring we’ve scheduled two shared learning calls where experienced cover crop farmers share their “spring cover crop management playbook.” On February 16, Wayne Fredericks, a corn and soybean farmer in […]

February 21, 2018 


While farmers have been getting busy planting, we PFI staff have been getting to work writing up resources to make sure the 2017 season is the best yet for cover crops. Check out these three NEW resources for farmers and crop advisers on the latest recommendations for cover crop selection and best management practices. Cover […]

May 22, 2017 


We don’t often think of our cover crops as gun slinging cowboys and cowgirls of the old west, staring down their pistols at villains of agriculture: diseases, insects, and weeds. But by the end of the webinar “Cover Crops and Pest Management: The Good and the Bad,” I was pretty convinced that while cover crops […]

March 16, 2017 


The third webinar in the American Society of Agronomy series discussed the financial return on investment when adding cover crops to a predominately corn and soybean system. Show me the Money, Can cover crops pay? What economic data is available on changes in costs and revenue when cover crops are added to your system? Learn the […]

July 27, 2016 


In February of 2016, the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) held a series of webinars for CCAs and others in the Midwest to learn more about making cover crops work. This webinar, Managing for Cover Crops: Don’t Forget the Agronomic Basics, will focus on the agronomic adjustments researchers/producers/CCAs need to remember when adding cover crops to […]



So, why do you want to grow cover crops? is a second webinar in the American Society of Agronomy series on cover crops focused on how to make sure farmers think about goals for cover crops before getting started. Length of the growing season affects the growth of cover crops after establishment, which affects the potential benefits that can […]

July 26, 2016 


56 farmers came to the Grundy County Fair on July 20, 2016 to learn more about cover crops and soil health at our “indoor” field day. Fred Abels, a long-time PFI member and Grundy County Commissioner helped plan another great workshop with ISU Extension and Grundy County NRCS.

July 22, 2016 


In a Nutshell
• Delaying cover crop termination until
soybean planting would allow for more
biomass production by the cover crop
in the spring presenting the opportunity
for more environmental benefit.
• Farmer-cooperators seeded soybeans
10-14 days after terminating a cereal
rye cover crop and within 1 day of
terminating the cover crop.
Key findings
• Jeremy Gustafson and Jack Boyer saw
no difference in soybean yields with the
two cover crop termination dates while
Bob Lynch saw a small reduction with
the late termination date.
• Bob and Jack observed cereal rye residue
in the late termination treatment
to persist through the soybean growing
season holding soil in place and reducing
weed pressure.

November 23, 2015