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For several years, Practical Farmers has worked to elevate understanding and communication about pesticide drift issues. Recently, we have gathered our pesticide drift materials to a new webpage and a few new resources: a document called “Pesticide Drift and the Law,” which provides background information for farmers and their lawyers; and a video series featuring farmers […]

June 8, 2017 


As fruit and vegetable farmers across the state embark on another growing season, they’ll again review their action plan for experiencing pesticide drift. Fruit and vegetable  farmers in our membership, along with livestock graziers and other specialty crop farmers have made it clear to us that pesticide drift is a serious financial and health risk […]

February 21, 2017 


Every day in June, @PracticalFarmer will tweet a photo of a PFI farmer with #dontdrift. Pesticide drift is not an acceptable side effect of agriculture – it is against the law, and it endangers farmers, their families, workers, and communities they feed. Respect everyone’s right to farm in Iowa. If you apply pesticides, take precautions […]

June 1, 2015 


Many in the PFI membership know Rob and Tammy Faux of Genuine Faux Farm in Tripoli, IA. Though they are best known for their humorous wits and inquisitive farming practices, they have emerged as reluctant leaders standing up to pesticide drift. We have featured Rob and Tammy’s story before, most fully in a PFI farminar detailing […]

May 20, 2015 


Consider this scenario: your farm is subjected to chemical drift from a neighbor’s application to their property adjacent to your land. What steps do you follow once this happens? Learn how an organic vegetable and livestock farm has responded (and continues responding) to pesticide drift.

February 25, 2014