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This week, On-Farm is back on the road and we visited the farm of Russ Wischover – Windswept Acres – right on the Missouri border in south west Iowa. Several years ago, Russ retired from his job as a herdsman at the University of Illinois’s swine research farm and bought a farm near Bedford. Since […]

July 21, 2017 


Will Harris is one of the featured speakers at Practical Farmers’ 2017 annual conference — and we’re very excited that he’s able to join us! He and his family operate White Oak Pastures, a nearly 1,300-acre farm near Bluffton, Georgia that has been in the Harris family for six generations (the sixth generation was just […]

December 22, 2016 


Practical Farmers of Iowa Field Day Will Focus on Grazing Practices, Multi-Species Grazing and Older Cattle Genetics June 13, near Maxwell For Release: May 24, 2012 Download PDF (130 KB) View Fullscreen

May 24, 2012