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Are you growing rye or winter wheat for grain or seed this year? What’s the plan after your harvest? If you’re looking to add nitrogen for a 2019 corn crop, now might be the time to think about frost seeding red clover into that rye or wheat in late February. The research is clear: if […]

January 17, 2018 


This year marks the 30th anniversary of Practical Farmers of Iowa’s Cooperators’ Program—our vehicle for conducting on-farm research trials. As such, throughout this year we’ll periodically be taking a look back at work done by farmer-cooperators over the past 30 years in a series of blog posts entitled “Better Know an On-Farm Research Project.” In […]

February 14, 2017 


Various green manure cover crop
mixes can successfully be established
following the harvest of a small grain
crop in mid-summer.
• Following cereal rye seed harvest
in July 2015, farmer-cooperator Tim
Sieren seeded a brassica mix into one
field and a legume mix into another
field. He then compared 2016 corn
yields resulting from a Low and High N
fertilizer rate that followed the green
manure mixes in the separate fields.
Key Findings
• Regardless of the green manure mix it
followed, corn yields were significantly
greater with the 145 lb N/ac (High) rate
compared to the 95 lb N/ac (Low) rate.
• Wet summer months likely contributed
to the superiority of the High N rate
in terms of both yield and financial
returns in 2016.

November 18, 2016 


Soil conservation; water quality conservation; energy conservation. You name it, we covered it at Lee Tesdell’s field day near Slater on July 13.

July 18, 2016 


On January 21-22,  around 85 farmers from across the state gathered in Ames to learn about small grains crops (oats, wheat & barley) from industry professionals, researchers and fellow farmers at the “Growing Good Small Grains” course prior to Practical Farmers of Iowa’s annual conference. Most Iowa farmers spend plenty of time thinking about plant populations, plant protection products and fertilizer requirements […]

January 28, 2016 


Since 1987, the Cooperators’ Program has been Practical Farmers of Iowa’s vehicle for conducting on-farm research on the issues and concerns deemed most important by our members. The Cooperators’ Program is the epitome of what PFI is all about: Farmer-led investigation and information sharing. In 2015, 63 farmers took part in 35 research projects on […]

December 17, 2015 


Cultivation of cereal rye for cover crop seed offers the possibility of frost-seeding a legume into the standing rye crop in early spring, where the legume can produce biomass and fix N following rye harvest. In 2014, farmer-cooperators Tim Sieren and Dick Sloan grew corn in rotation following cereal rye frost-seeded with red clover and […]

December 16, 2015 


Extending and diversifying a crop rotation to include a small grain presents farmers with the opportunity to generate biological soil nitrogen using forage legume(green manure) cover crops seeded in the spring and summer. Farmer-cooperator, Dick Sloan grew corn following red clover that was frost-seeded into a cereal rye seed crop and also after a mix […]

December 9, 2015 


The Economics of Cover CropsJuly 28, 2015 View Farminar Pre-recorded NWF awarded grants to researchers from Iowa State University and Western Illinois University to assess and interpret the economic impacts of using cover crops such as reduced input costs at the farmer level to job creation at the economy-wide level. This webinar includes research results [...]

July 28, 2015 


Specialty corn varieties are bred to express quality profiles that are more suitable for livestock feed than standard, conventional corn varieties. With that in mind, John Gilbert, of Gibralter Farms near Iowa Falls, investigated different fertilizer practices to improve productivity of a specialty corn variety (cv. GEI 101) he has deemed to possess a desirable quality profile […]

April 28, 2015