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In Iowa corn-soybean production systems, cover crops are typically aerially seeded into standing crops around the time of physiological maturity or drilled immediately following corn or soybean harvest. Previous on-farm research conducted by Jack Boyer has shown that seeding cover crops earlier in the fall can translate to greater fall and spring biomass. This may present […]

August 23, 2017 


Field day will explore goat grazing from pasture to market – Aug. 17, WalkerFor Release: August 3, 2017 Download PDF (103 kB) Cheryl Hopkins Goats at Frog Hollow Farm Goats at Frog Hollow Farm Contacts: Cheryl and Mike Hopkins | Frog Hollow Farm | (319) 721-0269| [email protected] Tamsyn Jones | Outreach & Publications Coordinator | [...]

August 3, 2017 


This year marks the 30th anniversary of Practical Farmers’ Cooperators’ Program. Since 1987, members have been conducting on-farm research to answer questions they have about their farming operations. It’s one of the ways we accomplish our mission: Strengthening farms and communities through farmer-led investigation and information sharing. The Research Protocols forms outlining research projects for […]

August 2, 2017 


The fifth and final iteration of Practical Farmers’ Cover Crop Variety Trial has just been released: Cover Crop Variety Trial, 2016-2017. As with the previous iterations, cooperators hand-seeded cover crops into small plots and assessed groundcover in the fall (prior to hard freeze) and the following spring (prior to termination). Cover crop entries studied in […]

July 28, 2017 


Leaving Home, Flying Home The tall Pampas now strips, corners. Soy in bare fields. Each year easier to leave Bobolink’s goodbye Argentina. Wing beat by wing beat not knowing, following faith. Somewhere in Iowa the tallgrass waves. Still, for one more generation. Melody of meadowlark beckoning you? Beat by tired beat Home when you can […]

July 10, 2017 


Matt Schuiteman, of AJS Farms in Sioux Center, started planting cereal rye in 2006 as a “trap crop” for manure nutrients. He has experimented with grazing it, baling it and growing it for seed. Matt told 65 attendees at his field day on May 30, to get the most direct payback from cover crops, put […]

June 16, 2017 


If cover crops can successfully be established when interseeded into corn in June, this may permit farmers to use existing equipment (rather than high-clearance machines or airplanes); may permit the use of more diverse cover crop species; and ultimately may increase the amount of cover crop biomass produced. Last year, PFI farmer-cooperator Jack Boyer interseeded a […]

June 13, 2017 


Mark and Melissa Schleisman, of M & M Farms near Lake City, hosted 46 people on April 11. The sun was shining, cows were out grazing cover crops and a few newborn calves had just been born in a field of cereal rye. Mark came back to his family’s farm full time six years ago, after a career […]

April 26, 2017 


On March 30, a group of farmers got together to learn about grazing cover crops and the value cattle bring to crop fields. Bruce Carney, a cattle grazier who produces grass-fed beef, and Rick Kimberley, a row-crop farmer, are neighbors who live outside Maxwell, IA. They’ve worked out an agreement for Bruce to graze cover […]

April 18, 2017 


On March 29, Jack Boyer hosted a field day to share his experiences and successes with using cover crops on his family’s farm near Reinbeck. Jack and his wife, Marion, are lifetime members of Practical Farmers. They raise corn, seed corn, soybeans and cereal rye for cover crop seed. They have been integrating cover crops into the […]

April 13, 2017