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Explore legal issues pertinent to beginning farmers, including farm succession, the transition of land and assets to the next generation, custom grazing legal questions and writing farm leases.

March 11, 2014 


Elma Beginning Farmer Holds Field Day About Niche Pork, On-Farm Energy and Farm Succession, September 10For Release: August 29, 2011 Download PDF (374 KB) View Fullscreen

August 29, 2011 


Planning the succession of a farm business and starting a farm business have a great deal in common. In both instances legal issues such as the selection of business entity, buy sell agreements, options, leases and other types of contract can and will have either a positive or negative impact on success. A basic knowledge of the legal “tools” can help those involved in either a succession or in starting a new business can help them to avoid costly mistakes. Led by John Baker from the Beginning Farmer Center.

November 10, 2009