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Over the past couple weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to visit with most of the Saving Incentive Program participants from the 2015 class.  Try as I may to not sound like a telemarketer, starting out any conversation with, “Hi.  Is so-and-so there?” always elicits the polite, yet distant response of, “Yes, this is so-and-so.”  But as soon as I explained I was the new SIP coordinator for PFI it was like I was talking to a long lost friend.  What an awesome welcome!

I had an especially nice conversation with Janna Feldman from Honey Creek.  Janna and her family run Doe and Diva’s Dairy on their Pottawattamie county farm and currently make soap from goat milk.  They plan to start making cheese from goat and sheep milk in the near future.


Janna getting some of the good stuff from one of her goats.

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I know, I missed the TBT deadline by about 12 hours.  So we’re going to go with a little Fall Back Friday.  I found this old picture of me from a few years back.  It was taken when my days were a little more carefree.  The slight breeze carelessly blowing the long tresses of my hair about my face.  I didn’t have a thing to worry about except should I get up at 10 or wait until noon.

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Remember getting $10 as a graduation gift, or maybe even $50?  Ever hit the jackpot with $2400? Yeah, me neither.  But graduates of the Savings Incentive Program did!  Completing the Savings Incentive Program nabbed these individuals up to an extra $2400 to match dollar for dollar with their own savings.  So that’s a potential 4800 bucks towards purchasing an asset for their farm business.  Check out these assets of the Savings Incentive Program class of 2012!

Jason Jones pic with feed mixer

Upon completing the SIP program, Jason Jones used his SIP funds to purchase this compost tea brewer.

Nathan Anderson

Nathan Anderson of Aurelia  used his SIP money to make a land payment.

Ban Saunders of Wabi Sabi farm

This sign at Ben Saunders’ Wabi Sabi farm was paid for with SIP money. Ben was also able to purchase a disc for his farm using SIP funds.

Alice McGary on farm

Alice McGary of Mustard Seed Farm chose to use her SIP money to purchase land.

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