Richard Lane

Midwest Cover Crop Assistant

Richard joined Practical Farmer of Iowa in 2018 to assist the Cover Crop team. He grew up in Newton, IA on a family farm along the South Skunk River: raising sheep and goats, baling hay, and helping with the corn and soybean acres. He enjoys learning about new technology and how it can help people and farms stay organized and be more productive.
While getting his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Iowa State he worked for the City of Ames for nine years as a driver for the CyRide bus system. In 2012 he moved back home to work on the family farm and learn about managing a large number of corn and soybean acres, which taught him the importance of sustainable practices in modern agriculture.
Richard lives in Huxley with his wife, Megan, who edits things, and their dog, Alvin, who is adorable.

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