Field Crops

Field-crop farmers are still the largest membership contingency at Practical Farmers. Learn about our work with these farmers to improve their profitability, stewardship and farmer-to-farmer community.

Field-crop farmers are still the largest membership contingency at Practical Farmers. The Field Crops Program at Practical Farmers of Iowa works with farmers raising corn, soybeans, small grains, alfalfa, red clover and other perennials. Their systems range from conventional to organic production, no-till, ridge-till, strip-till or low-input. Many of these farmers integrate livestock and cover crops into their production systems. Cover crops, small grains and soil health have been identified as priorities in recent years.


Insects and Soil Health – Jonathan Lundgren – PDF

Economics of Organic Transition – Craig Chase & Margaret Smith – PDF

Transition to Organic Crop Production – Matt Miller – PDF

Marketing Organic Grains – Margaret Smith – PDF

Organic Weed Control – Paul Mugge & Zach Knutson – PDF

How to Manage Weeds More Successfully – Matt Liebman – PDF

Growing High-Yielding Organic Corn – Scott Shriver & Darren Fehr – PDF

Using Crop Rotation to Reduce Inputs – Adam Davis – PDF

Economic Analysis of Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems – Hanna Poffenbarger – PDF


We Learn More By Accident That We Do On Purpose – Robin & Kelly Griffeth – PDF

Living Plants as Solar Collectors – Robin & Kelly Griffeth – PDF


Taking Your Crop and Livestock Operation to the Next Level – Erin Wilson – PDF


Precision Farming and Organic Crops – Jacob Bolson & Roger Knutson – PDF

Cover crops

Practical Farmers provides farmers and agency personnel with information, anecdotes and research about adding cover crop to current conventional, organic or other farming systems.

Small Grains

Small grains crops like oats, wheat, barley, rye and triticale are seeing renewed interest by farmers in Iowa. Practical farmers members and others are generating information about how to source see, plant, manage and harvest these crops.

Practical Farmers works with corn breeders and seed companies to combat the lack of choice of corn genetics in the marketplace.  The US Testing Network (USTN) is a group of independent seed companies, public corn breeders and private corn breeders who work with PFI’s Breeding Corn for Sustainable Ag network to test non-GMO corn hybrids across the eastern US. Their goal is to improve the quality and quantity of non-GMO corn hybrids available in the marketplace.

Contact Information

For more information about field crops programming, contact:Stefan Gailans at stefan@practicalfarmers.org.