Field Days

Field days have been a core part of Practical Farmers since the beginning, when farmers would come together to share details of on-farm research and demonstration and learn from each other in a spirit of openness and curiosity. This remains true today. While spring and summer are our peak field day seasons, our members host events throughout the year, inviting fellow farmers and the public onto their farms to learn about topics that span the agricultural spectrum, and even the intersection of farming and local foods.

While the scope and number of these events has increased over the years as Practical Farmers has grown, the core purpose of these events remains the same: to share farming knowledge and discoveries, highlight on-farm research and build a vibrant community of farmers and non-farmers in support of a strong, sustainable agricultural system in Iowa. We typically host more than 35 field days, and co-host around 15 others, annually.

2018 Spring Field Days

For the second year, Practical Farmers of Iowa has planned a series of spring field days between March 27 and April 5th that will focus on cover crop issues in grazing and row crop systems. Farmers and community members are invited to see cover crops in action on working farms around Iowa, and learn about cover crop basics as well as practices used to maximize the financial return from cover crops. Click here for more information.

Field Day Guide

Each spring, Practical Farmers sends out our much anticipated Field Day Guide. This fifty-page print publication is your guide to farmer-led events in Iowa during the spring, summer, and fall.

Blog Recaps

After each field day, Practical Farmers staff members recap the day’s events in a blog post. These posts are helpful both for those who attended the field day and those who were not able to attend.

Host a Field Day

If you are a member of Practical Farmers and would like to share your knowledge with other members, consider hosting a field day. Field day hosts are paid for their time and effort. Let us know your idea, and we will consider it when scheduling the next year’s field days.