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ISU researcher Lisa Schulte Moore joins PFI’s board of directors; four others re-elected to fill farmer, non-farmer slotsFor Release: March 2, 2018 Lisa Schulte Moore – Ames Vic Madsen, of Audubon Mark Quee, of West Branch Mark Peterson – Stanton Kurt Van Hulzen, of Sac City Contact: Tamsyn Jones | Outreach & Publications Coordinator | [...]

March 2, 2018 


fit into extended and diversified
crop rotations between the
small grain and corn phases of
the rotation. They can either be
underseeded with a small grain
crops in early spring or planted
in the summer following small
grain harvest.
• Farmer-cooperators Doug
Alert & Margaret Smith and
Vic Madsen compared corn
following two green manure
strategies: red clover or alfalfa
underseeded with oats (US) vs. a
mix of sunn hemp, sweet clover,
red clover and radish planted in
mid-summer after oat harvest
Key Findings
• Weed biomass in oats in mid-July
was no different with or without
the underseeding at both farms.
• By mid-October 2016, the US
(red clover) produced more
aboverground biomass than
the MSS by almost 1,000 lb/ac
at Alert/Smith’s. The opposite
was true at Madsen’s: the MSS
produced more biomass than the
US (alfalfa) by approx. 800 lb/ac.
• Corn yields were no different
between the two green manure
treatments at both farms.

January 17, 2018 


This year marks the 30th anniversary of Practical Farmers of Iowa’s Cooperators’ Program—our vehicle for conducting on-farm research trials. As such, throughout this year we’ll periodically be taking a look back at work done by farmer-cooperators over the past 30 years in a series of blog posts entitled “Better Know an On-Farm Research Project.” In […]

February 14, 2017 


Objective: Quantify the agronomic performance of, and weed control in, soybeans receiving a companion seeding of winter wheat in the seed furrow.

July 7, 2015 


Extending and diversifying a crop rotation
to include a small grain presents
farmers with the opportunity to also
include green manure cover crops.
• Three farmer-cooperators grew a small
grain + red clover and a small grain +
cover crop mix preceding corn in their
crop rotations.
• Red clover frost-seeded with the small
grain put on more aboveground biomass
and contained more N than the
cover crop mix seeded after small grain
harvest on one farm.
• Corn yields following red clover were
greater than those following the cover
crop mix at only one farm.
• If sufficiently terminated, red clover and
the cover crop mix preceding corn in
rotation can result in yields comparable
to county yield averages.

December 5, 2014 


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June 23, 2011 


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February 8, 2010 


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February 1, 2008 


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November 21, 2007 


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February 10, 2001