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Walk-in Cooler Considerations and ConstructionFebruary 24, 2016 View Farminar Pre-recorded Ensuring the fruits and vegetables produced by your farm make it to the consumer in the best possible condition requires proper storage between harvest and delivery. Tim Landgraf from One Step at a Time Gardens will discuss the three types of walk-in coolers he has [...]

February 24, 2016 


11 fruit and vegetable farms provided
a profit-loss statement and simple balance
sheet from FY 2013.
• Five of the 11 farms are meeting their
personal expectations for profitability.
• Six of the 11 farms plan to someday
earn 100% of their household income
from the farm.
• Farming experience ranged from 3 to
20 years.
• No two farm financial strategies or
situations are the same. This report
serves as a starting point for profitability
conversations, and for farmers
to compare their own numbers with
their peers

September 24, 2015 


Fruit and Vegetable farmers use cover
crops to improve nutrient cycling
and control weeds for increased
production efficiency.
• Summer cover crops can be challenge
due to dry conditions.
• Four farms evaluated summer cover
crops to determine aboveground
biomass production, carbon and
nitrogen produced, effects on
subsequent cash crop germination
and effects on subsequent weed seed
• Summer-seeded cover crops produced
between 192 and 14,157 lb of
biomass per acre across the farms.
Species selection, location and days
of cover crop growth tended to dictate
biomass production.
• Not surprisingly, legume species
contained more N than nonlegumes,
though buckwheat also
tended to contain a large amount
of N.

December 5, 2014 


Learn about growing berries and perennial fruits at Practical Farmers of Iowa field day Aug. 26, near Nevada – RSVPs requested For Release: August 13, 2013 Download PDF (139 KB) View Fullscreen

August 13, 2013 


Processing poultry for home use, grazing and orchards are focus of Practical Farmers of Iowa field day June 5, near Smithland – RSVPs requested For Release: May 24, 2013 Download PDF (135 KB) View Fullscreen

May 24, 2013 


Practical Farmers of Iowa publishes new report on barriers, strategies to increasing wholesale fruit and vegetable sales in IowaFor Release: October 26, 2012 Download PDF (129 KB) View Fullscreen

October 26, 2012 


Practical Farmers of Iowa field day will highlight an orchard’s view of raising organic apples, building an on-farm enterprise and coping with crop loss Aug. 3, near Adel (Dallas County) For Release: July 25, 2012 Download PDF (134 KB) View Fullscreen

July 25, 2012 


Subsoil Heat in a Greenhouse Project timeline: March – December 2009 Published: February 7, 2010 Download PDF (446 KB) View Fullscreen

February 7, 2010 


Season Extension in a Wood-Heated Structure Project timeline: January – July 2009 Published: February 5, 2010 Download PDF (78 KB) View Fullscreen

February 5, 2010