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“Goat meat is the primary red meat consumed by the majority of the world population,” Cheryl began with, citing a Cornell University source. Although many American’s prefer beef, populations from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean – as well as many specific religious traditions – rely heavily on goat meat over […]

August 28, 2017 


This week on On-Farm, we talk with Deb Finch about raising meat goats and her upcoming field day.

May 25, 2017 


In a Nutshell
• Goats are becoming a popular method
of controlling unwanted vegetation
and invasive species, such as honeysuckle
and multiflora rose.
• Timber stands and savannahs need
some sort of disturbance to keep invasive
species from spreading in order
for native species to flourish.
• Goats were allowed to browse a timber
stand twice in 2015 and vegetation
observations were conducted throughout
2015 and 2016.
Key findings
• Goats did not adversely affect the
herbaceous layer (understory) of a
timber stand.
• Goats did not significantly affect the
desirable woody species.
• By September 2016, areas where goats
browsed in 2015 had significantly less
non-desirable woody species.
• Successive years of browsing goats are
likely needed to successfully eradicate
invasive species.

December 7, 2016 


Objective: To measure effects of apple cider vinegar (ACV) on rate of gain and parasite load in goats.

June 28, 2016 


Objective: To measure health benefits in goats provided free choice minerals and kelp versus standard mineral blocks.



Are you interested in goats? goat milk? goat cheese? goat gelato??? At the PFI annual conference in January, long-time PFI members and Illinois farmers Leslie Cooperband and Wes Jarrell presented about their farm, which includes a goat dairy and creamery, as well as an orchard. They pioneered the business of artisanal, on-farm cheese-making in Illinois. […]

February 18, 2016 


As Iowa summers go, Saturday, July 18 was a hot one: high humidity, and heat indices over 100 degrees at the peak. But this didn’t stop more than 40 people — including some who traveled from as far as West Branch, Woodward and Toledo, Iowa — from coming to learn about making quality compost and […]

July 31, 2015 


Objective: To determine if there are quantifiable health benefits in goats provided free choice minerals and kelp versus standard mineral blocks.

July 7, 2015 


Milking once per day instead of the
twice-daily standard reduces milk
yield, but also greatly reduces labor
and feed expense.
• Animals milked only once per day require
less feed, and reportedly have a
lower mastitis risk. Milk allegedly has
a lower somatic cell count and higher
protein and fat concentration.
• Does milked once daily produced
fewer pounds of milk, but the milk had
slightly higher milk fat and protein
concentrations, compared to does
milked twice daily.
• Does milked once daily consumed
slightly less grain compared to does
milked twice daily, but milking once
daily greatly reduced labor requirements.
• Does milked once daily had greater
somatic cell counts compared to does
milked twice daily, but this was not
associated with any cases of clinical
• Lois Reichert found that does milking
once daily improved quality of life, offering
a nice option for a cheesemaking
dairy with a small staff.

May 8, 2015 


Are you looking for a unique way to put your goats to work? This farminar will focus on contracts, fencing and water systems needed for custom grazing land that a farmer doesn’t own. Expert grazier Lani Malmberg will draw on her 25-plus years of experience taking her goats to places in need of weed management, brush control, re-seeding, erosion or flood control, and restoration. Iowa farmer Doug Bartels will join Lani, and discuss his experience with custom-grazing goats in Iowa.

March 9, 2015