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This week on the show, we talk with Phil Specht of Pearlmaker Holsteins. He’s been running a grass-based, rotationally grazed dairy in the hills of Clayton County since the 1970s, and conservation has always been important to him. On the show, we range from the practical to the esoteric – talking with Phil about the politics of conservation, grazing management, Facebook poetry, ways of knowing and much more.

June 9, 2017 


Field day will explore grazing practices for grassland birds – June 22, McGregorFor Release: June 6, 2017 Download PDF (108 KB) Mary Damm on Prairie Quest Farm Phil Specht Male bobolink_submitted by Phil and Mary Contacts: Mary Damm | Prairie Quest Farm | (563) 536-1170 | marydamm@gmail.com | prairiequest.farm Phil Specht | (563) 873-2498 | [...]

June 6, 2017