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In a Nutshell
• Goats are becoming a popular method
of controlling unwanted vegetation
and invasive species, such as honeysuckle
and multiflora rose.
• Timber stands and savannahs need
some sort of disturbance to keep invasive
species from spreading in order
for native species to flourish.
• Goats were allowed to browse a timber
stand twice in 2015 and vegetation
observations were conducted throughout
2015 and 2016.
Key findings
• Goats did not adversely affect the
herbaceous layer (understory) of a
timber stand.
• Goats did not significantly affect the
desirable woody species.
• By September 2016, areas where goats
browsed in 2015 had significantly less
non-desirable woody species.
• Successive years of browsing goats are
likely needed to successfully eradicate
invasive species.

December 7, 2016 


Objective: To compare three types of invasive species management in woody pastures; chemical, mechanical, and livestock.

June 28, 2016