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Join experienced farmer Bill Frederick and beginning farmer Dustin Farnsworth as they share their experiences with growing small grains as part of the rotation on their Iowa farms. Small grains researcher David Weisberger will then share insights he gained from talking with organic oat producers across the state. This farminar will focus on the practical aspects of successful small grains: field preparation, plant populations and planter settings, stand assessment and harvest tactics.

February 5, 2015 


Extending and diversifying a crop rotation
to include a small grain presents
farmers with the opportunity to also
include green manure cover crops.
• Three farmer-cooperators grew a small
grain + red clover and a small grain +
cover crop mix preceding corn in their
crop rotations.
• Red clover frost-seeded with the small
grain put on more aboveground biomass
and contained more N than the
cover crop mix seeded after small grain
harvest on one farm.
• Corn yields following red clover were
greater than those following the cover
crop mix at only one farm.
• If sufficiently terminated, red clover and
the cover crop mix preceding corn in
rotation can result in yields comparable
to county yield averages.

December 5, 2014 


Extending the Rotation Beyond Corn and BeansNovember 25, 2014 View Farminar Pre-recorded Extending a common corn-bean crop rotation to three or more years by adding small grains can help farmers reduce input costs, manage pests and even out their workload. Dick Sloan, who farms near Rowley, started adding cereal rye back into his crop rotation [...]

November 25, 2014 


Soil Quality Indicators Among Different Farming Systems Project timeline: 2009 – 2011 Published: February 4, 2011 Download PDF (680 KB) View Fullscreen

February 4, 2011 


Evolving Our System – What Didn’t Work and What Is Working NowPublished: February 6, 2008 Download PDF (367 KB) View Fullscreen

February 6, 2008 


Fitting Flax in the RotationPublished: February 4, 2008 Download PDF (252 KB) View Fullscreen

February 4, 2008 


Matching the Hybrid and the YearPublished: February 1, 2006 Download PDF (319 KB) View Fullscreen

February 1, 2006 


Thompson Cropping System AnalysisPublished: February 5, 2004 Download PDF (375 KB) View Fullscreen

February 5, 2004 


Miscellaneous TrialsPublished: February 7, 1994 Download PDF (939 KB) View Fullscreen

February 7, 1994