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Ahead of our annual conference last month, we held a short course titled “Conserving $$ and Soil.” Often the conservation of farm production input costs and soil might be considered at odds with one another. Soil conservation efforts are thought to cost money to implement and/or they might involve producing less which would in turn lose […]

February 1, 2017 


Since 1987, the Cooperators’ Program has been Practical Farmers of Iowa’s vehicle for conducting on-farm research on the issues and concerns deemed most important by our members. The Cooperators’ Program is the epitome of what PFI is all about: Farmer-led investigation and information sharing. In 2015, 63 farmers took part in 35 research projects on […]

December 17, 2015 


Delaying cover crop termination until soybean planting would allow for more biomass production by the cover crop in the spring presenting the opportunity for more environmental benefit. A newly released research report profiles the findings of farmer-cooperators who seeded soybeans 10-14 days after terminating a cereal rye cover crop and within 1 day of terminating the cover crop. The objective of this […]

November 30, 2015 


Dave Schmidt, who runs Troublesome Creek Cattle Co. with his wife Meg near Exira in Audubon County, shared with me over email a small project they were trying on their farm involving rolling a cereal rye cover crop ahead of a summer grazing mix. I asked Dave to write a couple guest pieces for our […]

September 10, 2015 


Jack and Marion Boyer welcomed people to their farm in northern Tama County on July 8 to learn about the what, how and when of cover crops. Jack has been using cover crops for several years on ground they raise corn, seed corn and soybeans and is convinced of the benefits to their soil. As […]

July 14, 2015 


Fruit and Vegetable farmers use cover
crops to improve nutrient cycling
and control weeds for increased
production efficiency.
• Summer cover crops can be challenge
due to dry conditions.
• Four farms evaluated summer cover
crops to determine aboveground
biomass production, carbon and
nitrogen produced, effects on
subsequent cash crop germination
and effects on subsequent weed seed
• Summer-seeded cover crops produced
between 192 and 14,157 lb of
biomass per acre across the farms.
Species selection, location and days
of cover crop growth tended to dictate
biomass production.
• Not surprisingly, legume species
contained more N than nonlegumes,
though buckwheat also
tended to contain a large amount
of N.

December 5, 2014 


Resistance is futile… when farmers are armed with weed ecology knowledge, small grains, steel and fresh weed management ideas. Learn about the latest weed resistance research, and practical strategies you can use to stay a step ahead.

February 4, 2014 


Free-Range Eggs, Organic Weed Management and On-Farm Energy are Focus of Practical Farmers of Iowa Field Day July 7, near McCallsburg (Story County) For Release: June 21, 2012 Download PDF (198 KB) View Fullscreen

June 21, 2012 


Role of Cover Crops in Converting Perennial Pasture to Vegetable Ground Project timeline: July 2012 – June 2011 Published: January 31, 2012 Download PDF (2 MB) View Fullscreen

January 31, 2012 


Harlan Farmers Hold Field Day, Controlling Weeds, Pests and Animal Disease Organically, August 18For Release: August 2, 2011 Download PDF (329 KB) View Fullscreen

August 2, 2011